follows sustainable tourism and environmental friendly  practices. Weaim to protect the natural resources that exist in the community.

Our Story

Life & Culture Adventours

Was created to help maintain the Bribri culture. Our organization is helping keep the great chain of values (traditions, customs, art, gastronomy, ect.) that have been passed down from generations, alive.

Life and Culture Adventours follows sustainable tourism and environmental friendly practices. We aim to protect the natural resources that exist in the community.

Our organization works with people and leaders across various communities to ensure economic and social development. We are creating several job opportunities that are giving employees the respect and pay they deserve. As a gender equality company, we are also supporting indigenous women’s groups.

Our Services

Private & Shared Transfer

We offer Private van services, Shared Shuttle Services

$50 with transportation

Kekoldi Indigenous Territory

The indigenous people have set up a conservation for the green iguanas – There are not many iguanas left in this area, so they are protecting them and releasing them into the wild.

$71.50 with transportation

Chocolate, Medicinal Plants & Waterfall (Watsy)

Learn how to make handcrafted chocolate. Learn about different medicinal plants &  how they are used.
Swim in the Bribri waterfall

$160 with transportation

Yorkin Day Tour

Learn how to weave Suita (the traditional way of building houses)
Learn how to make traditional handcrafted chocolate from cacao
Walk in the farm and see the plantations

$85 per person | Horse riding is a requeriment

Dururpe Traditional Tour

Go into the indigenous territory Cross the river by a boat, 2 Hour horseback ride (round trip) to the community, See the traditional way of making juice, learn how to make traditional handcrafted chocolate from cacao

$50 per person

Ditsowo U Lodging

Lodging in Indigenous territory
Stay in the Bratsy Community Sleep in a natural home made out o f  bamboo that is shared witha local family – open room (not private), mattress on the floor,
mosquito net above the bed
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