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The BriBri and Cabecar people of the Talamanca now speak Spanish, wear western clothes, and participate in regional political and economic life. However, even with much more contact with outsiders, their religious ceremonies, ancient  traditions, and oral histories continue to be passed on from generation to generation. Many BriBri and Cabecar communities are again teaching their youth to speak the languages of their ancestors.When you get to know the Caribbean, you will find a great variety of indigenous Afro-descendant culture.

The Afro Caribbean people this ethnic group came to the country at different historical moments and greatly contributed to enrich the culture idiosyncrasy of Costa Rica

$65 + IVA p.p.with transportation

Kekoldi Indigenous Territory

The indigenous people have set up a conservation for the green iguanas – There are not many iguanas left in this area, so they are protecting them and releasing them into the wild.

$86.50 + IVA  p.p with transportation

Chocolate, Medicinal Plants & Waterfall (Watsy)

Learn how to make handcrafted chocolate. Learn about different medicinal plants &  how they are used.
Swim in the Bribri waterfall

$175 + IVA p.p. with transportation

Yorkin Day Tour

Learn how to weave Suita (the traditional way of building houses)
Learn how to make traditional handcrafted chocolate from cacao
Walk in the farm and see the plantations

Ground with Indigenous Stone

This tour will know a bit about the indigenous culture and more than all the stone crushing how our ancestors did in the astral part only the woman could touch this process and model cocoa and corn and many more products to consume

$50 per person  with transportation

Ditsowo U Lodging

Lodging in Indigenous territory
Stay in the Bratsy Community Sleep in a natural home made out o f  bamboo that is shared witha local family – open room (not private), mattress on the floor,
mosquito net above the bed

$93.50 per person

Dururpe Traditional Tour

Go into the indigenous territory Cross the river by a boat, See the traditional way of making juice, learn how to make traditional handcrafted chocolate from cacao

$86.50 p.p + IVA with transportation

Hidden Kekoldi Waterfall

Hike through primary (jungle) and secondary (cacao and banana trees) forest.  Go to the bird watching tower to view birds from the 3rd best place in the world to see the migration of birds

$105 p.p + IVA with transportation

Shaman, chocolate & Waterfall Full Day Tour

Experience a magical ceremony by a Bribri Shaman, go inside a conic house and learn about the Indigenous Cosmovision

$90 p.p + IVA with transportation

Cooking Class – Afro Caribbean

Make a traditional Caribbean meal: Rice, beans, and curry (Select: fish, chicken, or vegetarian) from a Caribbean family

Bri Bri Dialect Class


Learn meaning and pronunciation of the Bribri language.  A person from the community can teach you about your language, which was born without writing 


$90 p.p + IVA with transportation

Indigenous Cooking Class

Prepare and make the food with the family, pick ingredients from the garden, learn a traditional recipe

$86.50 per person

Caribbean Dance Class

In the dance class you will learn how to move like the waves of the Caribbean Sea and you will learn a lot about the Afro culture.Includes two hours of dance with a Caribbean instructor girl.

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