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Caribbean region there more than 40 protected areas by the State, due to its extraordinary biological richness and biodiversity, different ecosystems such as tropical rain and cloudy fforest, beaches,coral reefs, lagoons, mangroves and many other wetlands. The flora and fauna it should be noted that this region has one of the highest concentration of life and species on the planet.

How is a great variety of species can enjoy and respect nature.

$76 + IVA p.p.

Walk in the Wildlife Refuge with a local guide.  See different animals and plants in their natural habitat.

$86.50 + IVA p.p.

Hike in the Cahuita National Park with a guide.  See animals in their natural setting – monkeys, birds, sloths.

$87 + IVA p.p.

Snorkeling Tour

Manzanillo – By the shore
See different reefs and fish

Cahuita – Off of a boat
Inside the National Park

$100.50 + IVA p.p.

Dolphin Tour

While on a boat, see 3 different types of dolphins in the wild- Tucuxi, Bottle Mouth, and Tiger Dolphins (No swimming with dolphins)

$100 + IVA p.p.

Visit the Ara-Project
(Great Green Macaws)

The Great Green Macaws are endangered and the Ara Project is helping to take care of them and release them back into the wild. Learn about the history and facts about the birds

$108.50 + IVA p.p.

Night Hike Tour

Experience using different senses (hearing) instead of just relying on your vision to navigate through the jungle. See animals that are active at night – frogs, owls, snakes

$170 + IVA p.p.

San San Pond Sak, Manatee Panamá

Guide explains the National Park and the protection of the manatee.  Stay on platform for 2 hours and watch in the river for the manatee


Night Time Turtle Watching

Watch the natural process of turtles building a nest and laying eggs (Not guaranteed to see turtles) Learn the facts and history of the leatherback turtles – The biggest turtles in the world

$174 + IVA
Ride backAdditonal Price: 70.00$

Tortuguero Wildlife Package

Tortuguero National Park is one of the most famous of Costa Rica´s National Parks. The scenery of the canals and the jungle that is around them is simply a must see

$103 + IVA p.p.

Bird Watching

Includes two hours of birdwatching in the forest with a guide and also includes binoculars fruits and water

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