The volunteer program is administered by Etnoturism.and seeks to generate socio economic development for the families of rural Talamanca communities as well as the conservation of the natural resources . In order to achieve this, the program strategically aims at an integration process of the volunteers and families of the community. The volunteers learn about the way of life and local culture while they support the development of this rural community, through a process of social and environmental responsibility.

Manzanillo, refuge, Ara project

The volunteer is staying with a family in the community, where he interacts with the population, sharing daily with the family that will live together. The works have been carried out according to their abilities, the sea in the different areas: -In the Wildlife Refuge-investigations and counts. -In the Ara project, it is for logistic support of the center as in signage and innovations, feeding the limpets, collecting seeds.

Price por day: $55
Includes: Breakfast + Dinner+ Family room
Minimum: one week.


Indigenous Communities.

In different initiatives of the indigenous culture, you will be able to find and learn an infinity of ideas that will help you to see the change, and the sustainability of the perspective of languages, customs, gastronomy, art and much more. The work is support for initiatives in administration, promotion, work logistics. -Implement specific gardens to support with the initiatives. -Classes of English to the community, or children of the school. -Support on agroecological farms, infrastructure repairs. – He lived with the community.
Price: $55 p.p
Includes: Breakfast + Dinner+ Family room
Minimum: one week

Organic farms

In these nurseries with a peasant family, where you will learn or collaborate in the collection, sowing of organic production, work with domestic animals, preparation of land with compost, geotechnics for crops. In marketing, support the finqueros, in cocoa farms.
-Finca Loroco in Watsy
-Finca One World in Cocles.

Price: $55
Includes: Breakfast + Dinner+ Family room
Minimum: one week


Office work Etnoturism.

(In Playa Chiquita)
In this work reception, logistics, creation of manuals, visit community projects, marketing, edit advertising, and much more
Price: $45
Includes: Breakfast + Dinner+ Family room
Minimum: one week

Hours of Operation

08:00am – 7:00pm


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